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Representing more than 25,000 members, ASCL is dependent on its team of local representatives who volunteer to help represent and inform our members.

What is an ASCL Local Representative?

Local Representatives are ASCL members who are usually serving school or college leaders who volunteer to represent members either in a geographic location/locality or a trust. Local Representatives are fully trained and accredited by ASCL. Local representatives are supported with advice and guidance which can be accessed on our secure ASCL Local Representatives SharePoint site.

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What do Local Representatives do?

There are five key aspects to the Local Representative role:
  • Negotiating and communicating between ASCL members and organisations such as a school, college, trust or local authority on certain non-national policies and other issues. This may include representing ASCL on joint negotiating committees (JNC).
  • Liaising with ASCL via Regional Officers on issues arising locally which may be causing members concern.
  • Communicating with members locally to update them on ASCL policy and action nationally, including, when appropriate, arranging local meetings.
  • Helping to recruit new members from colleagues newly appointed to SLT.
  • Occasionally representing ASCL’s views to the media.
Find your ASCL Local Representative.

Facility time
There is a statutory right for trade union representatives to receive reasonable, paid, time off for trade union duties and all employers are under a statutory obligation to provide facility time. For more information about facility time, click here to read our answers to a series of FAQs and download our information paper here

Benefits of becoming an ASCL Local Representative
  • Helping to improve the terms and conditions of colleagues through negotiation.
  • CPD on employment conditions, policy and more through our accreditation training and regular updates.
  • The opportunity help inform policy through dedicated meetings and other communications with ASCL General Secretary and President.
  • Access to unique opportunities to help influence education leadership policy makers.
  • Discounts on selected ASCL events.
Unable to volunteer as a Local Representative yourself? There are great advantages to encouraging your colleagues to. ASCL Local Representatives receive ongoing training on employment legislation and terms and conditions plus negotiation skills, knowledge and skills which will be invaluable to their own leadership team.

Being an ASCL Local Representative is a voluntary role and we know how busy school and college leaders are. Therefore, we have processes and structures in place to support Local Representatives and minimise admin demands etc.

We also pay reasonable out of pocket expenses. Local Representatives are entitled to paid time off to undertake their trade union duties and your school/college may be entitled to compensation for certain representation duties that you undertake.

Want to find out more?
More information about the role can be found here. If you are interested in becoming a Local Representative for either for your own trust or your local area, please complete this form which asks for some basic information from you.

We would be delighted to talk to you in more depth about the role and answer any questions that you may have. Please email employers@ascl.org.uk or call 0116 2991122.

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