Membership fees

Membership fees from 1 January 2019

Full membership
Executive Head/CEO                                                  £396
Headteacher/Principal                                              £396
Deputy/Vice Principal                                                £324
Assistant Head/Senior Postholder                          £261
Business Manager/Bursar/Senior Support Staff  £240

Other categories of membership
Professional Associate                                               £192
International                                                                £192
Associate                                                                      £48
Overseas Associate                                                    £57

Part-time working
If your contract of employment is 0.6 FTE or less, a 50% discount applies on fees. To apply for a discount please email us.

Parental and Maternity leave
If you are taking a period of parental or maternity leave, you are entitled to a 50% discount on fees during your leave. It is important that you continue with membership during this period as if you choose to cancel your membership we will be unable to provide you with legal cover, support and representation for any issues which arise during your parental or maternity leave. To apply for a discount please email us.

Important information
  • Subscription notices are sent to members during the Autumn term.
  • You can inform us of changes to your role or employer by logging in to My ASCL or by emaliing us.
  • Support and legal cover will not be provided to any member whose subscriptions are unpaid. Please refer to our Legal and Member Support Policy.
  • If you pay your subscription personally 85% is allowable against income tax. Click here to find out more.
Additional informations for members paying by direct debit - click here
Additional information for members paying by cheque, card or bank transfer - click here

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