How AI can make classrooms more accessible

The future of education is shifting and evolving as the needs of schools — and their teachers and learners — change. In their guest blog, Google for Education shares some of the ways AI is helping to make learning more accessible for everyone.

Posted: 29/02/2024 13:35:42
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New resit guidelines are not based in reality

The government has announced that sixth forms and colleges will have to provide a minimum of four hours stand-alone teaching per week to students resitting their maths GCSE. Kevin Gilmartin explains why, in the midst of a major shortage of maths teachers, this policy just does not add up.

Posted: 22/02/2024 14:24:19
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Teacher apprentices: Too much spin and not enough substance

Last weekend's announcement of a new teacher degree apprenticeship pilot scheme for "up to" 150 apprentices is a worthy and well-intentioned idea, but why do governments continue to over-hype and over-state their messages, asks Geoff Barton in his blog. 

Posted: 09/02/2024 08:47:28
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The rise of online AP is about more than just capacity

With AP waiting lists increasing, online alternative provision is a welcome solution — but leaders can look to online AP for more advantages than capacity alone, says Alessandro Capozzi, Executive Headteacher of ASCL Premier Partner Academy21, in his guest blog.

Posted: 08/02/2024 14:56:12
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Ofsted should champion disadvantaged schools – not penalise them

The Education Select Committee published their report into Ofsted this week, with one of the recommendations that inspectors should take schools' contexts into account. This ought to be a government priority, writes Geoff Barton. 

Posted: 02/02/2024 09:15:42
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