What we need to know is why behaviour is a significant issue

Schools and colleges are being left to pick up the pieces of a series of complex societal issues which require a coordinated response, all with the looming shadow of Ofsted ready to put the blame on them.  Something has to be done, writes Geoff Barton in his weekly blog. 

Posted: 28/04/2023 10:43:52
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Why a national strike is the only option left

If we – public servants who came into a once great profession on behalf of children and young people - aren’t standing up and fighting for education, who is, asks Geoff Barton in his weekly blog. 

Posted: 21/04/2023 09:52:02
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Using video content safely in the classroom

Video-related content is a popular teaching resource and its use, particularly in primary schools, is increasing. But how can settings be sure the videos are safe and legal, as well as ensuring identifying suitable content doesn’t have a significant impact on workload? In this blog, ASCL Primary Specialist Tiffnie Harris is in conversation with Michael Wilkinson, MD of ASCL Premier Partner ClickView.

Posted: 18/04/2023 12:09:10
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Universal free school meals: idealism or the way forward?

Imagine if all children and young people were entitled to the same nutritious, healthy meal options at school or collegeASCL's Julia Harnden takes a closer look at the evidence and current debate around providing universal free school meals for all children and young people in the UK. 

Posted: 17/04/2023 09:13:55
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Improving diversity and inclusion in STEM 

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee recently published their report on how to improve diversity and inclusion in STEM. Dr Ben Dunn of ASCL Preferred Supplier STEM Learning explores some of the evidence and recommendations which aim to tackle the issues raised. 

Posted: 05/04/2023 09:29:49
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