Join over 21,000 school, college and trust leaders

We are an association made up of people just like you, run for you. We would love to welcome you to our community.

ASCL is proud to represent and support senior leaders from primary, secondary and post-16 education. Whether you are a member of the SLT, have whole school/college or cross-trust strategic responsibility, or work at a senior level in an educational organisation but are not based in a school/college, we would love to welcome you as an ASCL member.

Joining ASCL means that in the event that you have concerns about your own employment, are subject to allegations at work or your position is put at risk of redundancy, our experienced hotline team, regional officers and solicitors will be here to support you at every stage.

Please don't wait until you are notified of an allegation or a process before you apply to join us as we are unlikely to be able to provide support for an existing issue.

Make sure you join now and you can be confident of the very best professional support and protection going forward.

Click here to read feedback from some members to whom we have recently provided support.

Not sure if you are eligible for membership? Please click here.


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