Special offers for new members

With our special offers for new members you can benefit from discounted subscription fees plus the very best trade union and professional association support dedicated to you as a senior leader.

Join ASCL between 1 April and 13 April* and receive discounted fees for the rest of the year plus a £20 John Lewis gift voucher.


April-August 2021
Join ASCL between 1 April and 31 August 2021 and receive discounted fees until January 2022 saving over a third.

Executive Headteacher/CEO
£34.50  £22 per month

Headteacher/Principal/Head of School
£34  £22 per month

Deputy Head/Vice Principal
£27.50  £18 per month

Assistant Headteacher/Assistant Principal/Other Senior Postholder
£22  £14 per month

Business Manager/Finance Director/Bursar/Other operational leader
£20  £13 per month

*This subscription offer is only available to persons who have not previously held ASCL membership. Normal monthly subscription rates for 2021 are as follows: assistant head/senior postholder - £22, business leader/bursar/finance director - £20, deputy head/vice principal - £27.50, head/principal/head of school - £34, executive head/leaders of academy chains/multi-academy trusts - £34.50. 

From January 2022 subscriptions will be charged at the normal subscription rate. Details of the subscription rates for 2022 will be sent to members during the autumn term of 2021.

Subscriptions are allowable against income tax | find out more

Please note:

  • Offer only available to new members joining ASCL for the first time. If you have held a subscription previously, please contact the Membership Office on 0116 2991122 or email membership@ascl.org.uk to rejoin.
  • Details of the subscription rates for 2022 will be sent to members during the autumn term of 2021.
  • Subscriptions are calculated on a daily rate. Your first payment may be larger depending on your join date and payment start date. You can select your join date when you apply. You will receive notification of the amount in advance of the first payment.
  • All direct debits are processed on the first banking day of each month. We are unable to vary the payment date.
To join online, please ensure you have the following information available:
  • employment details
  • personal address and telephone details
  • bank account details for your direct debit
  • personal and work email address
  • date picker: please choose the year first and then the month
You will be able to join on any date, however, membership cannot be backdated and ASCL is unable to provide representation and legal support for issues that arose before your membership commenced.



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