Recommend a Colleague

Recommend a colleague to join ASCL and you'll receive a £20 John Lewis gift voucher when they join (terms and conditions apply).

Spread the word about the great benefits of being an ASCL member to senior leadership colleagues in your school, college, trust or local network and you'll be helping them support their own professional future as an ASCL member.

For eligibility details, please visit Who can join.
For all colleagues that join ASCL between May and August on your recommendation, we will send you a gift voucher to say thank you.
Step one: tell your colleagues about the great benefits of being a member of ASCL

Step two: ask them to visit to join

Step three: complete your and your recommended colleague's details below

Step four: if the colleague you have recommended joins ASCL between 01/05/20 and 31/08/20 we will send you a gift voucher

You may complete as many recommendations as you wish - the more of your colleagues that join, the greater the value of your reward!

Terms and conditions
  • You must complete all details on the recommendation form to qualify. Recommendations to be made by 31/08/20.
  • Gift vouchers will only be sent if the colleague that you have recommended ASCL to joins as a new member between in May and August 2020.
  • Only existing full members are eligible to receive vouchers. To qualify you must not have outstanding subscription fees.
  • Only one recommendation voucher will be issued for each new full member joining as a result of recommendations. If multiple recommendations are claimed for an individual new member, only the first recommendation form received by ASCL will receive a voucher.
  • If the person you recommended joins within the period, you will receive your voucher by 30/09/20.
  • Your voucher will be sent to the home address that ASCL holds for you. If your details change, please email
Please only enter this if your colleague has given you permission to do so.

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