Channel Islands

Below is information specifically relevant to members on the Channel Islands. Visit the Help and Advice section for more advice on a range of topics.

ASCL Leadership Podcast | Guernsey’s Transformation Agenda
November 2022


In this podcast, ASCL General Secretary finds out more about Guernsey’s mission to transform education. With 30% of young people educated in independent schools (grant-aided colleges), a decision to move away from selection at 11, the island is now looking to rationalise four state secondary schools into three, to create a dedicated post-16 campus, and in the process to bring a renewed commitment to equity, ambition on educational standards, and new opportunities for staff development.

Here’s Guernsey’s story so far, featuring conversations with:

  • Nick Hines, Director of Education
  • Liz Coffey, Executive Principal of the Secondary School Partnership
  • Martin Haimes, Headteacher, Beaucamp High School
  • Jenny Palmer, Principal, Elizabeth College
  • Honor and Jonathan, Year 13 students, Elizabeth College

ASCL Briefing | 4 November 2022
This briefing video, featured in our bi-weekly email newsletter on 4 November, features General Secretary Geoff Barton and Vice President John Camp in Guernsey where they visted schools and met ASCL members on the island.