Guidance for members in Northern Ireland

Disputes and Disciplinary
Pastoral Care, Teaching and Learning (including documents relating to coronavirus)
Legal Matters

Pay and Conditions

Adoption leave scheme

Advice on developing directed time budgets TNC 2020/01 
Letter from management side Transition Arrangements Directed Time Budgets
ASCL NI representative sample of a time budget
ASCL NI guidance Time Budgets Northern Ireland 

Appendices (1) to salary policy guidance (DE)

Appendices (2) to salary policy guidance (DE)

ASCL/ETI Joint communication on Action Short of Strike - 28 September 2017

TNC 2009-5 Career break scheme

TNC 2010/02 Career break scheme (addendum)  

Disposal of Records Schedule (Department of Education)

Facilities for representatives of recognised teachers' unions

Flexible working scheme

Guidance for board of governors on the formulation and implementation of salary policy

Health and Safety advice (EA)

Ill health retirement benefits and re-employment

Job share

Jordanstown Agreement

Leave of absence guidelines

Managing attendance

Maternity leave

Model school salary policy

Model Hospitality Policy for Schools

Parental leave scheme

Paternity leave

Performance review and staff development scheme TNC2014/1, and guidance notes for Governors and Principals

Performance review and staff development - guidance for governors and principals

Procedure for managing teacher redundancies 

School reorganisation agreement

TR153 Application for reorganisation allowance

TP5 Application for ill health retirement - medical form

Teacher Attendance Procedure

Teachers' Pay and Allowances from 1 September 2018 (Circular 2020/04)

Teachers' Pay and Workload Agreement April 2000
Teachers' Pay and Workload Agreement, August 2020

NI Teachers' Pension Scheme (September 2020 McCloud Consultation)
DoF Public service pension schemes: changes to the transitional arrangements to the 2015 schemes - consultation 
DoF Public Service Pensions Leaflet
DfC The Local Government Pension Scheme (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015
NI Public Service Pension Schemes: Changes to the transitional arrangements to the 2015 schemes consultation - ASCL response

NI Teachers' Pension Scheme Factsheet - Ill health

Teachers' salaries and regulations NI

Temporary variation in contract

Termination of employment of teachers on grounds of ill health or capability

Workload Agreement including links to:
TNC 2011/8 
Appendix I: Guidance and advice on the allocation and operation of cover arrangements
Appendix II: Model school cover policy
Appendix III: Time budgeting
Appendix IV: Directed time budget sample pro-forma 

Disputes and Disciplinary

Alcohol and drug misuse

ASCL members involvement in inspections during ASOS​

Bullying and harrassment of teachers

Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures (LRA)

Dealing with allegations of abuse against a member of staff​

Disciplinary procedure - notes for guidance

Disciplinary Guidance Labour Relations Agency

Grievance Procedure for Teachers, including Principals and Vice Principals in grant-aided schools

Joint protocol for dealing with inter-employer grievances

Managing strike action - Northern Ireland

Mediation Explained Labour Relations Agency

Mediation procedure - Annex A of TNC 2014-16

Misconduct of teachers

Non- teaching Staff Dignity at Work Policy and Code of Practice – Schools

Raising concerns at work (whistleblowing) policy

Code of Practice on reporting malpractice (whistleblowing policy) - teachers in grant aided schools

Teacher Attendance procedure

Pastoral Care, Teaching and Learning

Coronavirus documents and guidance 
Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Advice from Public Health Agency ( Northern Ireland)

Education Authority 
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - updates from the Education Authority 
EA - School risk assessment for Covid-19 pandemic 

Dept of Education 
Absence relating to coronavirus (Covid-19): Advice for Principals, Managers and Staff (28 September 2020)
Coronavirus (Covid-19): Guidance for Schools and Educational Settings in Northern Ireland
Education Restart Public Health Guidance to Support Public Examinations
Letter from Minister - 6 August 2020 
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - the latest information released by the Department of Education 
Coronavirus (COVID-19): implementing social distancing in education settings in NI
Guidance: Vulnerable Children and Young People
FAQs on childcare recovery plans - 24 June 2020
Guidance to support safe working in educational settings in Northern Ireland

Equality Commission for NI
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland: Covid-19 and Education: Equality Considerations

ASCL NI guidance
ASCL NI Briefing paper for Education Committee, NI Assembly 3 June 2020 
ASCL NI briefing paper on Restart for NI Assembly Education Committee 18 August 2020 
Guidance for Schools on Supporting Remote Learning DE Circular 2020/5

Awarding for GCSE, AS and A level Qualifications, Summer 2020 - Heads of Centre Guidance 
CCEA Regulation Decisions at a Glance (22 July 2020)
CCEA - GCSE, AS and A Level Awarding Summer 2020
CCEA - GCSE, AS and A level Awarding Summer 2020 Technical Information (30 April 2020)
CCEA - GCSE, AS and A level Technical Information Supplementary Questions and Answers (Version 3, 21 May 2020)
CCEA response to ASCL NI questions arising from DE decision on awarding of GCSE, AS and A level grades in 2020
CCEA Appeals 2020
Emerging principles and guidance regarding teacher professional judgements for summer 2020 in Northern Ireland (April 2020)
CCEA - Conflict of Interest Summer 2020
Head of Centre Conflict of Interest form 
CCEA - Centre Assessment Grades Application Information for Centres (21 May 2020)

Other guidance
Bullying in schools (2016 Act and EA guidance)

Child Protection: Record Keeping in Schools

Class sizes in post-primary schools - practical subjects

Children who display harmful sexualised behaviour DE Circular 2016/05

Effective educational uses of mobile digital devices (DE Circ. 2016.26)

Entering pupils for public examinations 

Fitness to teach

GDPR (EA advice)

Guidance on classroom observations and visits

dentifying Warning Signs of  Potential Suicidal Thoughts or Behaviour

Online Safety (DE Circ. 2016.27)

Procedure for supporting effective leadership by school principals

Procedure for supporting effective teaching in schools​

Protocol fo Home School e-learning​

Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools - A guide for schools

School complaints

Education Authority guidance: Supporting Transgender Young People

Legal Matters
ASCL headquarters has recognised the considerable differences that exist between the legal systems in Northern Ireland and England, and have established a formal connection between ASCLNI and O'Reilly Stewart, Solicitors, Belfast. It is highly recommended that members seeking legal advice should first contact Robert Wilson.

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