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Take a look at how some of our Associate members describe their relationship with ASCL.

"In 1970 I was elected to the Headmasters' Association, one of ASCL's predecessors. I was a headteacher in the Independent schools sector both in the UK and overseas.

When I was required to retire at the age of 60, I was anxious to continue to have a means of being associated with colleagues so I became an Associate member of ASCL.

Having spent a quarter of a century as a head, I wanted to keep abreast of educational developments and to continue to serve the community.

Associate membership has been particularly valuable to me because post-retirement I have been asked to speak about education at various clubs, societies etc and continuing to be a member I have been kept informed. I also spend a number of years as a Chair at a very large FE College and as an AQA arbitrator where an up to date knowledge of education was very important.

I've taken on various roles with ASCL Associates including being a member of the Associates Committee for a number of years. I am also a trustee of the ASCL Benevolent Fund which has a crucial role in supporting members including serviing school and college leaders.

I have also organised Associates Reunion events and contibute articles to the Associates News magazine.

Being an Associate member has helped me in my post-school life because having lived in Heads' houses for 25 years, it has helped me to adjust to a different lifestyle and also allowed me to keep a wide and happy association with the community."

Philip F Johnston

"I joined SHA in 1986 and then became a member of ASCL. I worked in comprehensive schools in London as a deputy headteacher and was encouraged to join by my head.

During my time as a full member working in schools I had roles on ASCL Council and was a district convener.

The most important things about Associate membership to me is the support and sense of companionship. I also continued to benefit from the professional support and information in my role as a school governor post-retirement.

I am now deputy editor of Associates News, a member of the Associates Committee and a trustee of the ASCL Benevolent Fund.

I have also been involved in the ASCL Associates Voluntary Service and have supported members in various challenging situations.

Being an Associate member has also allowed me to attend information seminars which has been very useful.

I would encouraging any member approaching retirement to become an Associate member. I will help to keep a professional link and offers social activities and other opportunities to stay involved with the education community."

Christine Shellard

"I initially joined SHA 36 year ago when deputy headteachers were first admitted to membership. Working in a very large, split site East London comprehensive school as a headteacher, membership was very benefitial.

During my time as a headteacher, I was an active SHA/ASCL local representative and a member of Council and Executive.

When I retired from my role in school I became a governor at a school in West London and also became a consultant, and NPQH trainer and an examiner for the London Institute of Education. This meant that i needed to remain fully briefed on all matters in the edicational field, so I conituned with my membership as an Assdociate.

The aspects of Associate membership that are particularly important to me are the regular updates through the weekly newsletter, Leader and Associates News which I continue to receive as an Associate member.

I also particularly value the campanionship of other Associate members at the social gatherings with the opportunity to chat about our professional lives, past and present. Being an Associate member helps me to stay in touch with SHA/ASCL friends across the UK.

Through being an Associate member and part of the Associates Committee I have mentored current heads and deputies and visited members on behalf of the ASCL Benevolent Fund. I've also organised reunion events.

Being an Associate member has helped in my post-school life because it has meant that I have been able to keep in touch with today's challenges in education and the support that is needed by school and college leaders. I has also wnabled me to maintain friendships with previous colleagues.

To any member approaching retirement my advice would be, join the Associates! Interest and life in education does not cease on the day that you formally retire from your full-time position. Many of us undertake consultancy work or become governbors or trustees of schools, colleges and trusts so the updates and access to information is very useful.

And to current Associate members I would say look out for social activities to meet up with previous colleagues and make new friends. 

For me being an Associate member as well as a committee member has helped to bridge the gap between being a full-time professional and a retired person."

Patricia Sales

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