ASCL Associates Committee

The ASCL Associates Committee is a representative body of ASCL Associate membership. 

The Committee is made up of 12 Associate Members and meets formally three times year year.

All ASCL Associate members can stand for a place the committee and elections are held every year for 4 places.

The Committee currently includes Associate members who were previously headteachers, deputy heads and school business managers and includes representation from those who worked in the independent education sector as well as state funded schools and colleges. The Committee includes representation fom across the country.

Committee members include representatives who continue to work in education on a consultancy basis and in volunteer roles as well as those that are fully retired.

The Committee discusses issues impacting retired members, developments in the education sector as well as the work of the ASCL Benevolent Fund and the ASCL Associates Voluntary Service.

ASCL representatives including members of the Presidential Trio, the General Secretary and senior officers and staff often attend Committee meetings.

Click here to read more about some of our Committee members.

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