Feedback from our members

Every year we support thousands of school and college leaders with advice and practical help. Below is a selection of recent feedback from our members.

“I have been a member for over 10 years and I am sorry to say that I was definitely one of those people who thought that they would never need to call on the support of a union and at times I have questioned why I pay a subscription – well now I know!
I am so grateful for the support that I have received. The officer that represented me was excellent and kept me informed at every stage and was integral to us reaching a resolution that means that I can move forward. Thank you ASCL.”

"The very first conversation that I had with the Hotline was supportive, reassuring and it was clear that there was a lot of knowledge of similar situations.

The advice guidance and support that I received from the Regional Officer that was allocated to me in what was an emotive and long running case was excellent.

At every point the advice that I received was honest, empathetic and acknowledging of how difficult the situation was for me.

I had full confidence in ASCL to represent me at every stage. Thank you."


"I would describe the service that I received from ASCL as excellent.

In what was very traumatic circumstances for me, I was professionally steered through both the emotional and legal aspects.

I had complete trust in the process because of the professional support that I received at every stage.

I am thankful that I contacted ASCL when the situation arose and that support was made instantly available.

It made what was an extremely difficult time of my life easier.

All of the advice, support and wisdom that I was offered have helped me to move on in life now that the situation has been brought to a conclusion."

"I am very grateful for the support that I received.

Sincere thanks for the expertise and professionalism which I received right from the first phone call through to the issue being resolved.

The communication was always quick and clear and I felt supported and fully informed on the decisions that I had to make.

I would not have coped with this situation without such excellent support."


“The support that I have had from ASCL has been extraordinary. I still have my family, a house and my job and it's no exaggeration to say that without ASCL I would have nothing. I will be forever indebted to ASCL for the representation, advice and support that I received. ASCL has been amazing.”
“I have been very impressed with the support that I received from ASCL. The officer that was allocated to my case was both knowledgeable and professional. I was contacted regularly, and the officer ensured that I fully understood all stages of the redundancy process and its implications. The officer was persistent in dealing with my employer who were very slow to respond and complete paperwork. ASCL showed compassion and care when dealing with my case.”
“I could not have asked for more. The support from ASCL has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. The advice, accompanying me at meetings, negotiating an agreement with my employer has all been superb.”

“I have received an outstanding service from ASCL. The support, guidance and responsiveness are to be commended.”

“I want to say a huge thank you to ASCL for all of the support during what has been an incredibly tough period in my life. ASCL supported me through discussions with my employer who acknowledged that my concerns were valid, and my working conditions are now much better.

From the first call to hotline through to the resolution of my case, the whole process has been exemplary.”

“I cannot commend ASCL and, in particular, the officer that supported me through what has been a long case. The officer was utterly diligent, patient (with my ‘ups and downs’) and tenacious in getting a resolution for me.

Additionally, the ASCL solicitor that was allocated to my case should be commended for his scrutiny and diligence.

My representation was so exceptional that colleagues who were involved in the case have now moved to ASCL after being so impressed with the support I was provided with.

ASCL, thank you. I wouldn’t have got through this without you.”
“My first contact with ASCL was on one of the worst afternoons of my life. But from that point to the conclusion this week, I have felt fully supported and listened to. Key to me has been the combination of sensible advice, calm objectivity and a human approach.

The officer that was allocated to me was reassuring and the voice of reason but at the same time let me say what I wanted to without any judgement.”

“The support that I have received during the 11 years that I have been a member has been excellent. Having had an experience where I needed significant help from ASCL which was provided brilliantly, I have taken some time to think about how the support could be improved and I am struggling. I think the fact that school leaders receive great advice and support from former school leaders, who know the reality of doing this job, is fantastic. All that I can say is thank you.”

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