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  • The Equation of Life

    Advice June 2014

    Article by Sam Ellis, ASCL Funding Specialist. The title is a slightly tongue in cheek reference to the way I have been presenting and analysing the financial and curriculum situation in all types of school for the past few years.

  • Save and prosper

    Leader article March 2014

    In tough times, ‘resourceful resourcing’ comes into its own. Val Andrew offers business managers a guide.

  • Funding for third year students aged 16-19

    Advice March 2014

    The DfE reduced the funding for those students in the third year of study aged 16-19 for next year by 17.5 per cent. ASCL and other organisations mounted a vigorous campaign to get this funding raised back up to the level of other students aged 16-19.

  • 16-19 funding developments

    Advice January 2014

    The outrage from across the post-16 sector at the EFA’s announcement of a 17.5 per cent funding cut for 18 year-old students was followed by the Education Select Committee pursuing the matter.

  • Post-16 funding campaign

    Advice June 2014

    A group led by ASCL and consisting of AoC, PPC, IAA, FASNA and SFCA has written a further letter to Mr Gove regarding the dire situation being created by post-16 funding reductions.

  • A question of balance

    Leader article February 2014

    Sam Ellis has been worrying about even-handedness in school since he was a lad. Instead of concerns about being kept behind in class, he’s now anxious about education funding being reasonable and just or, at least, fairer than it was.

  • Rising costs and rhetoric

    Leader article July 2014

    As sixth form funding continues to decline, staff need to understand the financial position but they also need to pull together to find creative solutions. Stephan Jungnitz offers some suggestions for building up esprit de corps.

  • 16-19 latest funding developments

    Advice March 2014

    The EFA has issued updated student numbers to a number of schools and academies.

  • The Pupil Premium Summer Schools Programme 2014

    Advice February 2014

    Secondary schools can now apply for funding for this year’s Summer Schools Programme.

  • Penalties for non-compliance with National Minimum Wage (NMW)

    Advice March 2014

    The government has published the draft National Minimum Wage (Variation of Financial Penalty) Regulations 2014, which will increase the maximum financial penalty payable by employers who flout the NMW from £5,000 to £20,000.

  • Funding for four-plus A levels

    Advice July 2014

    A DfE announcement last week stated that from 2016 schools and colleges will receive funding above the basic rate for students taking four or more A levels or larger technical qualifications for students who study four A levels and large TechBacc programmes.

  • SFA funded qualifications for 2014/15

    Advice March 2014

    At the end of January, the SFA published the new rules for funded qualifications for adult learners.

  • Academies – Calling to account

    Leader article October 2014

    Val Andrew explores what’s new in the 2014 Academies Financial Handbook.

  • Capital funding

    Advice January 2014

    The Sixth Form College BCIF budget has been confirmed.

  • Scheme for financing schools

    Advice March 2014

    The DfE published a revised guidance document on 26 February.

  • Skills Funding Statement

    Advice March 2014

    The Skills Funding Statement 2013/2016 was published on 10 February. It describes funding through to the 2015/2016 financial year.

  • Free meals in FE from September 2014

    Advice March 2014

    The guidance for institutions is in draft form and should be issued shortly. It is likely that the guidance will require institutions to use the funding for meals for eligible students only.

  • The grim reality of secondary school funding in Wales: Facts and implications for school leaders and policy makers in Wales

    Guidance paper November 2014

    This document seeks to describe the reality of the pressures that are currently being put on secondary school funding in Wales.

  • Filling in the post 16 census

    Advice October 2014

    It is critical that schools pay close attention to the completion of this year’s census. This is particularly important in schools with sixth forms that have not had a similar process in previous years.

  • School Business Manager Grant in 2014-15

    Advice March 2014

    Following last year’s Review of Efficiency in Schools (June 2013) the DfE has now released information about this new grant intended to assist groups of schools (mainly primaries), encouraging them to collaborate to employ a business management professional.

  • Voluntary risk pooling scheme for academies

    Advice March 2014

    Sue Baldwin, Director of Academies and Maintained Schools Group at the EFA wrote a letter that sets out the scope of this new scheme.

  • Guidance for Academies and Free Schools – Good Practice in Financial Management

    Guidance paper May 2014

    As the number of academies and free schools increase, more educational establishments are seeking clarification of their responsibilities for financial management and how to implement systems and processes that comply with the regulations laid down in the Academies Financial Handbook (AFH).

  • Business Leadership

    Leader article December 2014

    ASCL’s new training DVD aims to give people a deeper understanding of budgets and balance sheets and so help avoid clashes over spending, says Val Andrew.

  • Advice to members with regard to responding to DENI draft budget

    Advice December 2014

    Following a meeting on Thursday, 11 December of the ASCL Northern Ireland Executive, a letter opposing the proposed cuts to the education budget has been sent to DE Permanent Secretary Paul Sweeney.

  • New process for submitting academy financial returns to EFA

    Advice January 2014

    The process for submitting financial returns to the EFA has changed from January 2014. Instead of submitting these returns by email to the EFA, academy trusts must now upload them to the Deloitte OnLine website. Deloitte validates the data on behalf of the EFA.

  • Academy auditors

    Advice March 2014

    Last summer the EFA ran a series of seminars for academy auditors that were designed to address inconsistencies in the interpretation of aspects of the audit process and requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook (AFH).

  • Blurred lines

    Leader article July 2014

    Increasing numbers of business leaders are experiencing problems because it is unclear who is responsible for what in their schools, says Richard Bird.

  • PE and Sport Grant allocation

    Advice March 2014

    Maintained schools and academies must publish information on their website about how they have used the PE and Sport Grant allocation.