Recruitment and retention

Diversity at every level of the school workforce is valuable for pupils, teachers and society, fostering social cohesion and ensuring pupils experience and thrive in an inclusive environment. A diverse leadership team demonstrates to staff that there are opportunities for all to progress. And there is plenty of evidence to show that diversity improves decision-making by opening up a range of views and experiences.

ASCL has developed guidance on recruitment, and worked with others to consider retention including pay and flexible working. 

ASCL guidance in partnership with other organisations
Closing the Gender Pay Gap report developed in partnership with the National Association of Headteachers (NAHT), National Governance Association (NGA), and #WomenEd.

Download Closing the Gender Pay Gap report

Actions to close the gap (government guidance linked from the above report).

Supporting the retention of minority ethnic teachers - report pubished by UCL and developed with leaders in ASCL's Ethnic Diversity Network.