STRB 31st remit

ASCL response to the STRB 31st remit.
The Secretary of State issued the remit for the STRB’s 31st report on 15 December 2020. The remit covers the following matters for recommendation:
a) The implementation of pay increases to teachers on the unqualified teacher pay ranges, with an annual full-time equivalent (FTE) salary of less than £24,000.
b) The overall state of the teacher workforce, including in relation to recruitment and retention, impact of Covid-19 on teacher supply, changes in the pupil population and consequent changes in the level of demand for teachers.
How did we respond?
In our response, we strongly opposed the imposition of a public sector pay freeze and provided evidence of why we felt this was neither fair nor appropriate.

We believe that a significant increase to all pay ranges is required in order to address both the erosion of pay since 2010 and the impact of differentiated awards on the pay of experienced teachers and school leaders.

We recommend that the performance-related pay element of the pay system be removed from the STPCD at the earliest opportunity.
Why have we taken this view?
We do not believe that it is fair to impose a pay freeze on public sector workers. Teachers and school leaders are key workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the coronavirus pandemic and continue to do so. Additionally, the pay freeze comes on the back of public sector pay restraint since 2010 that has led to real terms cuts to pay, which have yet to be restored. A pay freeze will mean that pay is eroded, further exacerbating the long-term damage.

We have highlighted the severe issues relating to recruitment and retention across the profession, particularly for experienced teachers and school leaders, and the leadership pipeline.

There is currently no evidence that performance-related pay impacts positively on pupil outcomes, and growing evidence that it may have a negative impact on retention and workload. Read our full consultation response here.

ASCL also submitted joint evidence to the STRB via a union submission with NAHT, NEU and The Voice. Read the press release and joint response here.

Full response to consultation