Regulating academic and technical qualifications at level 3

ASCL response to the Ofqual consultation on regulating academic and technical qualifications at level 3

ASCL broadly welcomes this regulatory approach to alternative academic and technical level 3 qualifications, as it provides simplicity for users and aligns more closely with the approaches taken at general qualifications, which is welcome.

At the same time, the proposals recognise the diversity and need for flexibility when assessing these qualifications. We believe the proposals largely get this balance right.

We do not believe that implementing these changes will have a significant impact on the workload of most school and colleges, as many qualifications are already administered in the way set out.

We recognise concerns that a tighter regulatory approach to these qualifications may hinder innovation within the market; and disadvantage some students who do not perform well in exams. However, it is important that these qualifications carry public confidence and have a consistency of approach in assessment.

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