National Skills Fund

ASCL response to the government consultation on the National Skills Fund. 
Consultation question: What do you think will be the key barriers to adults taking up the free level 3 qualifications? Please set out the barriers and, where possible, provide a reason and/or evidence for your response. 

The key barriers to adults taking up free level 3 qualifications are:
  • Work and family commitments – reducing the time available to attend the programme and undertake the required coursework.
  • Lack of sufficient maintenance awards and bursaries – there are many other costs associated with undertaking level 3 programmes, including childcare, transport costs, resources and materials, etc. While colleges are able to access bursary funding, this may not cover the full cost of being a student.
Adult take-up of education is demand-led and linked to many factors to do with the availability of jobs, employer support, financial constraints, previous success in education and family commitments.

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