Generative artificial intelligence in education

ASCL response to call for evidence on generative AI in education. 
4.    We broadly support the Department for Education's statement on generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in education. We agree that:
  • used appropriately, GAI could reduce teacher workload, but cannot replace human judgement and subject knowledge
  • education institutions must protect data privacy, review cybersecurity to handle increased risk from AI, and protect students from harmful content
  • the DfE has a central role in supporting schools, trusts and colleges to achieve this
  • schools, colleges, trusts and universities need to continue to prevent examination and assessment malpractice, including involving the use of GAI
  • students need to be taught, and develop the capabilities to judge, the accuracy and reliability of AI output so that they know how to use it appropriately without over-reliance
  • assessments must continue to fairly evaluate students' skills and knowledge and the examination rules and guidance must be regularly updated to respond to developments in AI
  • the government should work with experts to identify best practices for using AI in education and workforce training; ASCL is keen to play a role wherever we can add value
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