Fit for the Future: Growing and sustaining engineering and technology apprenticeships for young people

ASCL response to the Engineering UK call for evidence on engineering, manufacturing and technology apprenticeships. 
ASCL welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this consultation. Our response below is informed by evidence from ASCL College members, the majority of whom deliver engineering apprenticeships. 

Research funded by the Gatsby Foundation has found that solutions to productivity problems in this country lie in creating increasingly large numbers of technicians and associate professionals. A means needs to be found to increase the supply of people with the skills required to fill these roles. This is a key role of apprenticeships.

To achieve this goal in engineering and technology, employers need to be incentivised to invest in intermediate level skills, and to be empowered to invest in their own skills development. Leaving the market to determine intermediate skills demand will result in supply meeting short-term goals and doing little to ensure that supply is better matched to demand over the longer term. 

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