Ensuring the resilience of the qualifications system in 2023

ASCL response to DfE and Ofqual consultation on ensuring the resilience of the qualifications system in 2023. 
We are glad that Ofqual and DfE are consulting on contingency plans for 2023, as well as considering longer-term solutions to make the exam system more resilient in the future. 

The views of ASCL members are divided on this consultation. While some welcome the proposals as a change to the system they would like to see in perpetuity, others feel that they are overly burdensome on both teachers and students.

ASCL Council, our formal policy-making body, is broadly in favour of the proposals, and believes that they are sensible and proportionate.

Most schools and colleges will undertake some form of mock assessment in exam years. Having an expectation that this is done under certain conditions, and the work produced retained, seems proportionate.

We are pleased to note that centres are not required to undertake as many formal assessments as was recommended in 2021-2022. This did place additional burdens on teachers and students, and led to confusion about how much evidence was required.

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