Changes to the assessment arrangements for GCSE French, German and Spanish

ASCL response to the Ofqual consultation on changes to the assessment arrangements for GCSE French, German and Spanish.
ASCL welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this consultation. 

As outlined in our publicly available response to the government’s consultation on the subject content of GCSE Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), we understand the importance of the Ofqual consultation in informing future assessment linked to the proposals. The assessment arrangements are, de facto, largely dictated by the content consultation.

ASCL members are concerned that the draft content and associated assessment implies a particular pedagogy. We do not agree that this should be within the remit of this consultation, and there should be no overt prioritising of one pedagogical approach over another. The inspectorate, when making its judgements, is careful not to prioritise one methodology over another, and recognises that there is no single methodology which is effective for all pupils. There is evidence that a well-sequenced curriculum can be achieved in a variety of ways to suit learner profiles, and we are concerned about the impact these proposals may have on teaching and learning.

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