Behaviour management strategies, in-school units, and managed moves

ASCL response to the government call for evidence on behaviour management strategies, in-school units, and managed moves.
ASCL welcomes any opportunity to highlight examples of effective behaviour management. Schools have shown incredible leadership and skill in adapting this year to the needs of their pupils and their diverse experiences of the pandemic. ASCL believes school leaders are best placed to make decisions about policy and practice in their schools. We welcome all opportunities to share good practice and learning in support of children who may struggle to regulate their behaviour without the support of expert teachers in each school. 

However, the timing of this consultation is extremely problematic. It was launched on 29 June and closes on 10 August. The consultation period comes at the end of a particularly difficult school year for teachers and leaders, coincides with a very busy end of term, and runs into much-needed holiday time.

The timeframe available for comment is insufficient and the timing inappropriate for seeking the valuable and extensive evidence required to inform such an important opportunity for the revision and improvement of guidance. 

Full response to consultation