ASCL supplementary evidence to the STRB 33rd remit

ASCL have submitted supplementary evidence to the STRB following consideration of the evidence of other statutory consultees
Following consideration of the evidence of other statutory consultees, we have now submitted our supplementary evidence to the STRB.

Much of our supplementary evidence was in response to the DfE’s evidence to the STRB particularly in relation to the inadequate award proposed for September 2023 and the lack of competitiveness of a £30,000 starting salary due to delays in implementation and the high levels of inflation.

We have also challenged the Department’s claims on affordability and highlighted our concerns on the variances at individual school level which our members, and other consultees, say will lead to restructures and staffing cuts. This will do nothing to aide recruitment and retention and will simply drive up workload even further for those left to take on the extra work caused by the staffing cuts.

Whilst we support the Department’s commitment to increasing starting salaries to £30,000, this cannot be at the expense of other pay ranges. It is our view that any increases to starting salaries must be applied to all pay ranges and allowances, and fully funded by the government.

You can read our supplementary evidence below. We will be meeting with the STRB in April to give further evidence.

Download supplementary evidence