ASCL response to the STRB 29th report

ASCL response to the consultation on the STRB 29th Reportand the Government's response. 
We have voiced our concerns over the paltry award made, particularly in light of the differentiated award last year which saw experienced teachers and school leaders receiving an increase below the rate of inflation, resulting in a real terms cut yet again.  

In our supplementary evidence we provided detailed evidence to show that the Secretary of State’s claim that 2% increase was affordable within the sector was flawed.  In spite of this, the Government are leaving schools to fund the 2% from their already overstretched existing budgets and are only providing funding for 0.75% .  We have again provided detailed evidence in our response to show that this is unaffordable for schools.  We have also highlighted the issues raised with us by our members since the announcement.

The report acknowledges that the recruitment and retention crisis has worsened, and it widely known that the reduction in support staff roles have added to teachers’ workload, but this award looks likely to worsen the very issues it aims to resolve. 

The consultation closed on 13 September 2019.  We understand from the DfE that the process will not be affected by the prorogation of parliament as the Secretary of State will use executive powers to lay the pay order.
Download the full response here.