ASCL response to Ofqual 2021 consultation

ASCL response to the Ofqual consultation: Proposed changes to the assessment of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2021
While the set of proposals contained in this consultation may go some way to generating extra teaching time, ASCL believes that the issues around the 2021 series of exams cannot be properly addressed by what amounts to a number of relatively minor adjustments and mitigation strategies. 

ASCL members have two major areas of concern with the proposals in the consultation as it stands. The first is that they do not go far enough in recognising the disruption to learning that many students have already faced – and the fact that some students will have experienced a much greater degree of disruption than others. The second is that they do not sufficiently recognise and plan for likely further disruption to learning over the period between now and the 2021 exam season – and indeed potentially over the exam season itself. 

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