New to Headship and Executive Headship: Mentoring service

"Such a valuable service to have especially in the first couple of terms. I really appreciated being able to share my ideas and concerns in confidence and get reassurance and advice from someone who very clearly understood how I was feeling. My mentor also encourages me to regularly reflect on what I'm achieving which helps to keep me focussed on the big picture as well and managing the day to day." Headteacher

 Moving into a headship role for the first time, whilst very exciting, can often be quite a challenging and daunting experience.

This new consultancy support package aims to provide a mentor for those new to the role of headship. The mentor will be an experienced headteacher and someone with whom all the good (and bad) aspects of headship can be shared. The mentor will provide advice and support as well as being someone to talk through some of the more challenging dilemmas new headteachers face.
The mentoring will take the form of a mixture of face to face meetings and telephone and/or email support. For the mentee it will be useful to know that there is someone on the other end of the phone to talk things through when necessary and planned face to face sessions will give them the opportunity to reflect on their role away from the busy day to day running of the school.

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