Key Strategic Skills for New and Established Headteachers

"The programme was completely tailored to me and my school's needs. With the consultant we've been able to build on our previous strategies but I've now got the skills and confidence to not only lead our strategic development but to embed it in our daily activity. This has been vital to ensuring that the whole team feels involved." Headteacher

Headteachers often inform us they have had limited training on the key management skills to help them think, plan and act strategically.
This bespoke package intends to fill that gap through evaluation of your current processes, discussing and working on improvements with you or engaging with other leaders and governors to discuss their contributions. Approaches for strengthening your ability to explain your school strategies to others can also be tested, including governors, staff, and Ofsted.
The programme price, which includes pre- and post-visit support and one full day in school, offers:
  • a review of your SEF and development plan by our consultant prior to your ‘in-school day’, who will provide detailed feedback (this can include headteacher’s reports). The consultant can suggest ways on how to personalise the in-school day to meet your priorities
  • a discussion of your school overview with our consultant at the start of the in-school day with feedback on how to make this more effective.  Other senior leaders and governors are welcome to be involved in this process
  • the option of a workshop session with a focus on an aspect of your school key processes, especially helpful in a new school or post-inspection; many headteachers choose to work on parts of the SEF or SDP
  • sharing industry standard approaches to development planning
  • developmental coaching sessions with you and any of your senior or middle leaders, or governors, to develop their own confidence and insight, and to explore responses to challenging questions, for example, from Ofsted.
  • a focus on priorities of your choice, for example learning walks
  • an observed group discussion with your team to provide insight into how they see the development of the school
  • a detailed written report summarising key issues and actions from the day, and following the visit
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