ICFP - Spinning Plates and Trying to Square the Circle

A bespoke consultancy service for strategically planning finances and curriculum

Spinning plates is difficult and squaring the circle is impossible. Planning an acceptable balance between a curriculum plan and balanced finances is somewhere on the same spectrum from difficult to impossible depending upon the school. It is however possible to simplify the planning process to include all senior staff and relevant governors or trustees to reach the best possible way forward that the school decides to take.

The process of planning the finances and the curriculum in a strategic manner goes under many titles. Integrated Curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP) is one such title. ICFP features regularly in DfE and ESFA guidance published under the broader heading of School Resource Management and, more specifically, in the recently published ESFA Trust Quality Descriptors.

Whilst the fundamental elements of this approach are common across all types of institution many variations are possible depending upon the institution. Depending upon the degree of information provided by the group requesting the booking the course will be tailored as far as possible to match the particular circumstances.

The process will be explained using quantities which lend themselves to benchmarking and target setting. The aim is to present a process linking finances and curriculum in a way which ensures you can optimise activity in the context of the funding you receive. Templates will be provided for delegates to adapt to their own situation.

Suitable for
Executive Head, CEO, Headteacher/Principal, Deputy Head/Vice Principal, Assistant Head/Assistant Principal, Aspiring leaders, Business Leaders, Governors and Trustees 

Participants will:
  • Consider the current financial framework within which schools are working and the potential future changes in that area.
  • Consider the relevance of data and benchmarking.
  • Understand seven critical parameters that completely define the ICFP process.
  • Consider how the templates provided can be adapted and modified for use in their own institutions and situations.
  • Be invited to contribute to an ASCL case study for use in lobbying Ministers. 
  • This course will present both financial and curriculum information in a manner that can be streamlined for use by non-financial specialists, governors, and trustees.
  • Data will be synthesised into three finance, two curriculum and two summative parameters all of which can be considered as levers, benchmarks or targets depending upon the approach taken by the school in question. Together these will show the extent to which a school is in surplus or deficit and hence its capacity to manage future financial pressures. Additional concept will be the idea of the limiting values for these parameters to clearly define the location of the financial cliff edge and the tracking of the financial trend.
  • The approach will be presented in a manner which matches the structure of the school or group requesting the course and possible developments and alternatives will be considered.
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