Headship Induction Programme

"I would recommend this service to any board appointing a new headteacher. When you invested so much in appointing a new head, its important that you follow up your commitment by making sure that they have a solid induction and ASCL helped us to create that." Chair of Governors

Have you recently been appointed to your first headship?

Our induction programme provides an unparalleled, tailor made mentoring and development plan to support you in your first year.
Working with one of our experienced consultants, you will have an initial meeting to map out your personalised induction programme based on your needs.

This could include a combination of mentoring sessions, advice on dealing with difficult situations, attendance at relevant ASCL Professional Development courses and conferences, and support from aspects of our Professional Partner  Programme, which offers guidance on aspects of leadership, management, school improvement and self-evaluation. Support will take on a mixture of face to face meetings and conversation through telephone and/or email.

There may be opportunities to network with other headteachers, through local networking or from attendance at events.

If required, our consultants can also support governors in the performance management process at the end of the year.

To find out more call 0116 2991122, email us or complete the enquiry for below.

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