Financial Health Check

"We were very pleased with the standard of service. Having external input and a true expert evaluate our financial position gives us confidence that we can make robust plans. The suggestions and new methodolgies that you provided will be something that we carry forward and will benefit us in the long-term." Headteacher

Amidst a culture of growing autonomy and during a period of fiscal challenge, ASCL brings a sharp focus to the need for a more commercial and business-related approach to leadership together with the management of resources to ensure schools are effective, efficient, sustainable and fit for purpose.
We can provide wide-ranging support, delivered by experienced professionals to help schools build financial resilience into their strategic financial planning. We will work with schools to evaluate their financial efficiency, recognise where future vulnerabilities lie and take a solution-based approach to setting achievable and time-bound action plans that address acute financial contexts. Our work with schools will always be underpinned by our commitment to the delivery of value for money and the imperative that change must be in the interests of the young people in the education system.
Our services include strategic financial planning, curriculum-led budget planning, risk management, monitoring and reporting, recovery planning, reviews of policies and internal financial controls and procedures, facilities/estates management, skills audits.
To find out more about our Financial Health Check service call 0116 2991122, email us or complete the enquiry form below.
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