ASCL Associates

Continue to be part of our great community when you retire from a school, college or trust leadership role with ASCL Associate membership.

On retirement, many ASCL members transfer their membership to ASCL Associates.

ASCL Associate membership offers the perfect way to remain connected to and informed about education leadership. It also provides new opportunities to build your community and to get involved in supporting serving school and college leaders.
For just £60 per year, ASCL Associate membership means that you can continue to receive ASCL publications such as Leader magazine, email news updates and access to website resources. ASCL Associate Life Membership is available for £456.

Plus you'll find that Associate Membership comes with additional benefits and new opportunities through the exclusive magazine, Associates News, social activities, the ASCL Associates Committee, volunteering and chairing our popular planning for retirement events.
Members working in a consultancy capacity post-retirement may wish to opt for Professional Associate membership.

I really appreciate still feeling part of the profession.

I value being a member greatly. Particularly the chance to meet up and share experiences with others.

I would encouraging any member approaching retirement to become an Associate member.

Moving On: the ASCL Guide to Retirement

The purpose of this booklet is to provide information and offer advice from the Associates’ Committee for those preparing for retirement.

We are grateful to Robert Godber and John Horn, who have coordinated the shared perceptions of colleagues on the Associates’ Committee. We hope you will find the content helpful and would like to take this opportunity of wishing you, when it comes, a long and happy retirement.

Moving On: the ASCL Guide to Retirement: 2021 edition

This booklet is reviewed regularly, and revised as appropriate. It contains information which we believe will prove generally useful to its audience, but be sure to speak to your financial adviser about your personal circumstances.

Transfer to Associate Membership

Continue to be part of our great community when you retire from a school or college leadership role with ASCL Associate membership

If you have any questions about becoming an Associate or Professional Associate member please contact