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Unlock the power of English language education with FlashAcademy®! As leaders in EAL (English as an Additional Language) solutions, we understand the importance of providing valuable resources for educators. Dive into a world of possibilities with our free, downloadable EAL resources designed to enhance language learning in your classroom.
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Our commitment to supporting teachers and students goes beyond the ordinary. FlashAcademy®'s innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with proven teaching methods, creating an immersive and engaging language-learning experience. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just beginning your EAL journey, our digital platform caters to all.
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Not a member? Join ASCL to receive discounts and special rates on a range of products and services.

Through our partners, members can take advantage of preferential rates on healthcare services, car insurance and financial advice, as well as discounts on education tools, performance management systems and self-evaluation surveys.

A range of well-known organisations offer discounts and special rates on a range of products and services negotiated specifically for ASCL members. In many cases ASCL has negotiated commercial agreements with the supplier, which help us to keep members’ subscriptions as low as possible.

These services have been reviewed and are endorsed by ASCL. Whilst we cannot guarantee that they will always represent the best buy for all members, the products, prices and the quality of service are reviewed regularly.

These special discounts are only available to ASCL members.

Member benefits from ASCL Partners