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Audio-visual subject knowledge on demand

GCSEPod has developed hugely since its beginnings in 2010 as an independent learning and revision tool.

This evolution has been catalysed by the changing pressures facing schools: time-strapped teachers, slashed budgets, tougher linear examinations and higher expectations. Not only has GCSEPod adapted to changes in the UK, it has expanded into 30 countries and is trusted by a 300,000 strong user community in 1,300 schools worldwide

GCSEPod have extensive evidence to support the impact it has on improving student GCSE performance.

GCSEPod gives you and your staff the tools to save time, impact learning and ensure value for money. 25 subjects, filtered by exam board, constantly updated in-depth subject knowledge with key threads for MATs. A central live data dashboard to see what is happening, monitoring usage and producing half termly data reports. GCSEPod can centralise homework and assignments, leading to high quality and consistent practice. Performing question gap identification on a large scale in seconds; identifying gaps across a cohort or multiple cohorts is a powerful tool which informs intervention and impacts attainment.

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Member benefits from ASCL Partners