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FlashAcademy® EAL

Making a Difference With EAL

FlashAcademy®’s mission is to unlock the potential of every learner held back by a language barrier. The education-technology digital tool is designed to support English language acquisition for EAL and ESOL students across the UK. FlashAcademy® is the UK’s No.1 EAL platform and is trusted by over 1,200 UK schools and over 250,000+ learners to accelerate their English language skills across 48 different home languages.
Lesson content in the FlashAcademy® app is aligned with the DfE Curriculum, meaning that the platform provides relevant content and materials that support students' learning, while also ensuring that they are in line with the latest educational standards. Students can build confidence with interactive lessons designed to support the whole curriculum. Additionally, FlashAcademy® offers schools the ability to create customised lessons and activities for classroom, independent, and remote learning, helping your students to build fundamental skills such as confidence in vocabulary, grammar, handwriting, phonics, reading comprehension and inference skills.
FlashAcademy® allows teachers to conduct a digital EAL proficiency assessment, meaning teachers can assess their pupils' English language skills and track their progress over time. This tool provides valuable insights into students' language abilities, which can help teachers to create personalised learning plans and adapt their teaching methods to better meet the needs of individual learners.
FlashAcademy® is an innovative and effective Ed-Tech tool that helps teachers to empower their students to accelerate their English language acquisition. With its alignment with the DfE Curriculum, adaptive technology, and personalised learning plans, FlashAcademy® is a powerful tool for teachers and learners alike. By supporting students' English language acquisition, FlashAcademy® can help to improve their academic performance and overall wellbeing, making it an essential tool for any school with an EAL need.
I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy to other schools with any kind of EAL challenge. It has literally revolutionised my department as far as I’m concerned. We are going to be long-standing users of FlashAcademy, and I am excited about the journey that we are going to go on together; we welcome any school to come and visit us to see the impact for themselves.”
Hollie O'Sullivan, Director of EAL at Fortis Academy
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