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Teachers Insurance for ASCL members from just £127

We know that many teachers, like you, undertake private work in a self-employed capacity. But we also know you may not be aware that you’re open to claims arising from errors and omissions, professional negligence or other liability.

When you’re working for the Local Authority or another employer, it’s usual for your employer's liability insurance policies to provide you with appropriate protection. But when you work outside of your normal employment, you’re potentially exposed to liability claims that might be brought against you personally by pupils, parents or third parties.

Liability Insurance for Teachers, Lecturers and Educational Consultants
Our teachers liability insurance scheme has been designed to protect teachers and lecturers like you, who may provide private tuition, lecturing or coaching outside of their main employment. Liability cover is also available for most types of educational consultants, including those operating limited companies.

If you’re a headteacher or a senior member of staff and a member of the ASCL, our liability insurance cover has been widened to take in not just private tuition and lecturing, but also educational consultancy and advisory roles – including up to 20 days a year working for Ofsted.

Designed for Teachers
It’s always been possible to insure against potential risks by purchasing appropriate public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover. The problem has been that costs often prove to be prohibitive because it’s costly for an insurer to underwrite and issue an individual liability policy. And if you want to be properly covered, you’ll probably need both a public liability policy and a separate professional indemnity policy.

But when you take into account the relatively small income most teachers receive from their self-employed work, many have simply decided it is not worthwhile insuring – they'd rather take the risk than spend a fortune on insurance premiums.

Thankfully, our specialist teachers liability policy brings together the required cover in one simple package – and it’s so competitively priced that there's no need to go without cover.

Instant cover from just £127 per year for ASCL members. Buy it online at or call 01953 455600 for advice and information.

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Member benefits from ASCL Partners