ASCL Blueprint


We are grateful to the many people and organisations who responded to our call for evidence, and to ASCL Council who played a pivotal role in shaping the vision, analysis and recommendations in the Blueprint.

We would particularly like to thank our research partners – the Education Policy Institute, the National Foundation for Educational Research, and Public First – for their invaluable support in drawing our attention to relevant research evidence and reviewing drafts of the Blueprint.

Finally, we are grateful for the time and expertise of the following people who joined us for a number of roundtable discussions as the Blueprint developed. While they may not all agree with everything in the final version, their challenge and support helped enormously as we developed and refined our thinking.

John Blake Toby Greaney Tim Oates
Sir Tim Brighouse Anne Heavey Dame Alison Peacock
Nick Brook Russell Hobby Natalie Perera
Shaun Brown Matt Hood Julie Robinson
Sam Butters John Howson Marc Rowland
Kate Chhatwal Bushra Jamil Dan Sandhu
Philippa Cordingley James Kewin Sam Sims
Leora Cruddas Simon Knight Pat Thompson
Angela Donkin David Marsden Dave Thomson
Sam Ellis Sinéad McBrearty Stephen Tierney
Susan Fielden Stephen Morales Luke Tryll
Christine Gilbert Steve Munby Sam Twiselton
Julian Gravatt Cath Murray Elena Wilson
  Mary Myatt  
  Simon Nathan  

ASCL Blueprint