BlueSky Education

Appraisal, Professional Learning, Quality Assurance and Strategic Development

Engage, Develop, Grow

ASCL Premier Partner for Appraisal, Professional Learning, Quality Assurance and Strategic Development.

Engage and develop your people aligned to strategic goals. The multi-award-winning solution supporting individual, team and organisation growth.

BlueSky is the simple, effective, tailored appraisal solution that puts people at the centre of a professional dialogue. Target professional learning to build capacity and improve retention. Create an agile objective cycle aligning activities to school and team priorities. Use granular reports to access a 360 perspective for an individual and initiate real time support and intervention.

Professional Learning
BlueSky is the powerful platform supporting the streamlining of professional learning. House your entire CPD programme and content. Engage and develop your people through professional practice and reflective dialogue. Build a culture of collaboration and a shared understanding of professional learning's impact on organisation goals. All people have a lifelong learning portal to engage and record their own career journey.

Quality Assurance
Use BlueSky to create a Quality Assurance approach that reflects your organisation’s culture. Adapt BlueSky to support an incremental journey to school improvement and build bespoke forms to gather holistic intelligence to influence strategic decision-making. Apply your forms to varied contexts from formal observations to instructional coaching and developmental visits. Use insights to triangulate impact and validate CPD outcomes.

Strategic Development
With BlueSky, all the information gathered at individual, team and organisation level is used to inform and support the strategic development of an organisation. It also enables easy evaluation of progress of strategic development aims and plans. BlueSky is equally effective and supportive in a small one form entry school as it is in a large national trust.

BlueSky is the only solution of its kind endorsed by ASCL.

ASCL members receive an exclusive 10% discount on the first year of BlueSky Education membership.

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