Issue 129 - 2023 Autumn term
ASCL’s views on education news, as reported in the media.

In the news

ASCL’s profile in the media has remained high in recent months having being quoted on a wide range of issues.

The education story that has generated the most media interest so far this term is undoubtedly reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC). Although RAAC is something that has, to a greater or lesser extent, been known about for some time, the story broke with some ferocity at the end of August when changing DfE guidance forced some school buildings to close with immediate effect. General Secretary Geoff Barton, Director of Policy Julie McCulloch and Funding Specialist Julia Harnden conducted dozens of media interviews with local and national broadcasters in the days that followed, using information from members to help explain the situation and what needs to be done to solve it. 

Aside from RAAC, attendance is an issue that has featured heavily in the media this term. Geoff Barton tackled this issue in a blog for SecEd where he made the case for a government review into the reasons for high absence rates, alongside a commitment to follow the evidence with funded support. ASCL’s team of specialists also contribute towards SecEd’s Best Practice feature, offering guidance for secondary teachers and leaders. Curriculum, Assessment and Inspection Specialist Tom Middlehurst’s latest article explains how to support student democracy in the build up to the general election. 

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