Useful contacts, links and information

ASCL is supportive of and working with the following grassroots groups, all of which are working to improve the diversity of the teacher and leader workforce:

  • #WomenEd connects existing and aspiring leaders in education Also onTwitter using hashtag #WomenEd .

  • BAMEed began in response to the continual call for intersectionality and diversity in the education sector. 

  • LGBTEd is a body for LGBT+ teachers and allies due to be launched in autumn 2017 (Twitter hashtag #LGBTEd ).

  • See also Twitter hashtag #DisabilityEd

  • Diversity Educators is an event planned for January 2018 to bring educators across the equalities strands together to celebrate and showcase diversity, equality and inclusion in education.

Useful links and information

DfE’s School Workforce Census data

ASCL analysis of the DfE’s School Workforce Census by Gender and Ethnicity (November 2014) 

The Everyday Sexism Project and on Twitter #genderedcheese

Articles in ASCL's Leader magazine
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Uniformity Urged for Uniforms, July 2015
How to be Courageous, June 2015
Overcoming Inequalities in Leadership, April 2015

For more information about our equalities work or to get involved, please contact ASCL Parliamentary and Inclusion Specialist Anna Cole at Follow Anna on Twitter at @annamcole