Terms and conditions

ASCL Professional Development Standard Terms and Conditions of Booking

  • All our ASCL Professional Development events (courses, sessions or conferences) are available on a first come, first served basis. The fee for a whole day event covers lunch and refreshments throughout the day plus all accompanying materials (light refreshments are provided for twilight and half-day sessions).

  • We will confirm receipt of your booking (but please note that this does not confirm the event will go ahead).

  • All successful applications will have joining details sent to them two to three weeks prior to the event. We advise that travel arrangements are not made until joining details are received. If not received one week before the event, please contact the ASCL Professional Development office on 0116 299 1122.

  • We reserve the right to amend the event programme where circumstances dictate.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or postpone events when viable numbers are not reached and will do our best to rearrange dates wherever possible. You will be contacted as soon as possible if, for any reason, we need to cancel or postpone the event.

  • Once viable numbers have been reached you will receive email confirmation, details of the event and directions to the venue. At this point schools/colleges will also be invoiced for the cost of the event. We expect payments to be made within 14 days of date of invoice.

Courses, Sessions and Conferences Cancellations

Cancellation fees are based upon the notice given and the type of event.

  • Professional Development courses and one-day national conferences
    ASCL Autumn Regional Information conferences and Summer Regional conferences
    More than 28 days £50.
    Within 28 days of event 50% charge.
    Within 14 days of event 100% charge.
    NB: VAT charges apply for Professional Development courses and one day national conferences

  • Professional Development standalone* twilight sessions
    More than 14 days £20 + VAT admin charge.
    Within 14 days of event 50% charge.
    Within 7 days of event 100% charge.
    (*A standalone twilight session does not form part of a longer twilight package.)

  • Residential courses which include overnight accommodation
    Within 28 days of event 50% charge.
    Within 14 days of event 100% charge.
    More than 28 days £100 + VAT admin charge

  • Annual Conference
    More than 10 weeks £50 admin charge.
    Within 10 weeks of conference 25% charge.
    Within 6 weeks of conference 50% charge.
    Within 4 weeks of conference 100% charge.

Name changes and substitutions – no charge applicable.

All cancellations/changes must be confirmed in writing (email confirmation is accepted).

For all PD events please note:

We are not able to offer any refund if an individual session within a suite of PD sessions is cancelled by you or your school/college or not attended e.g. non-attendance at 1 out of 3 twilight sessions.

We are not able to refund any travel or accommodation costs incurred by you (or your school/college) should arrangements be made and the event is subsequently cancelled or postponed by ASCL Professional Development.

We are unable to transfer bookings from one event to another and will be subject to the cancellation charges outlined.

Personal use of material
Individuals from schools or colleges who have attended ASCL PD Ltd events (course, conference or consultancy) may copy documents from said events for personal, non-commercial use, including for private study or research, on the condition that ASCL PD Ltd are credited as the source, and the copyright holder if applicable. No modifications to the material should be made.

bespoke/consultancy services and programmes

A Consultancy Contract will be drawn up between ASCL Professional Development (the Contractor) of 130 Regent Road, Leicester, LE1 7PG and the individual school or college (the Client).

All surveys, forecasts and recommendations made under a Consultancy Contract, any subsequent reports, working papers or letters will be prepared in good faith on the basis of the co-operation of the Client and the information before the Contractor at the time. Ultimately the Contractor can express only opinions. Understandably therefore the Contractor, its officers, employees and consultants can accept no liability whatsoever arising from the services to be supplied or from any document produced by the Contractor, whether to the Client or to any third party.

  1. Aim
    The Contractor to provide support and services as mutually agreed with the Client.

  2. Objectives. The Contractor will:
    Undertake such work as may be required as per the Consultancy Contract and subject to the details and timeframe set out in the Consultancy Contract.

  3. The Client will:
    Provide the Contractor with information required to assist in the preparation and completion of objectives of the Consultancy Contract.

  4. Timescale. The Contractor will:
    Perform the Consultancy Contract as mutually agreed between the Client and the Consultant. Any extension to the Consultancy Contract will be subject to the rates listed below. The Consultant will be engaged by the Contractor to ascertain the nature and appropriate timescale for the Consultancy Contract to be completed. The Consultant may deem it appropriate to alter the timeframe set out in the Consultancy Contract.

  5. Fees and expenses
    The fees charged are wholly dependent on the type and format of the CPD being booked.

    All Consultancy Contract expenses will be recharged at cost as incurred and will include travelling (mileage at 45p per mile), overnight subsistence (if required), communications and postage and will be subject to VAT.

  6. Modification of contract
    Time and cost factors are given in good faith based on the information available. It may be necessary to reach agreement on an extension in time and/or volume of commitment in the light of progress. Any modification of the Consultancy Contract should be confirmed in writing and signed by both parties before any additional service work begins.

  7. Information, services and working facilities
    The Contractor to be provided with access to employees and agencies served by the Client as necessary and to be furnished with such information, services and facilities as shall be suitable and adequate for the undertaking of the duties under the Consultancy Contract.

  8. Confidentiality
    Any information disclosed to the Contractor and/or Consultant pertaining to this Consultancy Contract or any information identified by the Contractor pertaining to the Client will be kept confidential except insofar as is necessary to the completion of this Consultancy Contract when disclosure of such information shall be at the Contractor's and/or Consultant’s  discretion. In carrying out their functions under the Consultancy Contract, the Contractor and/or Consultant may deal with personal data relating to individuals connected with the Client. Such information will be dealt with in a secure and confidential manner that is consistent with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

    If you would like further details please contact us and ask for our Privacy Notice and Subject Access Request Policy

  9. Reporting
    The Contractor will furnish the Client with written/oral reports from time to time as necessary and written reports at the completion stage to a designated member of staff. Working papers may be submitted from time to time and discussed with appropriate members of staff on a confidential basis. Unless specifically stated otherwise all reports and working papers shall be the property of the Client.

  10. Termination
    Either party can terminate the Consultancy Contract giving twenty eight days’ notice in writing. The Contractor reserves the right to reclaim the cost of any materials, meetings, preparation and advice provided prior to the termination of the Consultancy Contract.

  11. Payment
    Invoices for the services set out in the Consultancy Contract will be sent on completion of said services. Payment is due within 14 days of date of invoice.

National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership (NPQEL)

This qualification is being delivered by:
The Association of School and College Leaders
Tenax Schools Trust and Teaching School Alliance
The Yorkshire Leadership Community
The Lawrence Sherriff School and Griffin Teaching School Alliance
Athelstan Academy Trust and Avon Teaching School Alliance.

Cost and payment schedule
The cost of the ASCL NPQEL is £4,800+VAT. This includes all material and tutorial costs, accommodation for residential sessions and assessment fees. The payment schedule will be:
£1,800+VAT upon registration
£2,000+VAT by September 2018
£1,000+VAT by January 2019

Alternatively full payment can be made upon enrolment.

Fees cannot be refunded for non-attendance. Payment terms are 14 days from the invoice date.

All invoicing queries need to be addressed to pd@ascl.org.uk

Online training will be delivered through iTunesU platform. Delegates will require access to an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.

Information sharing
Delegates are required to accept the DfE's privacy notice and ASCL's privacy notice in order to access this qualification.