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Workshop Synopses | Thursday 8 November

Sessions 14.10–14.50 | 14.50-15.30 | 15.30-16.10

1. A new era for the WJEC
Roderic Gillespie, Chief Executive
In this workshop, Roddy Gillespie will introduce himself to delegates, outline his vision for the organisation and allow an opportunity for discussion. This is your chance to meet the new Chief Executive and both gain a perspective on the organisation and also allow him to hear from you about your experiences as stakeholders.

2. Leading the Way
Geoff Barton, General Secretary
Julie McCulloch, Director of Policy
Sara Ford, Director of Policy: Structures
Tim Pratt, Cymru Director
In this workshop we will look in more detail at the proposals for ASCL Cymru’s campaigns over the coming year. The workshop will provide delegates with the opportunity to look at and reflect on the priorities, to become involved in and help shape the campaigns. Following the publication of the Waters report on Pay and Conditions, and at a time when there are so many demands and pressures on school leaders, we want to make sure we are properly reflecting your concerns as we deal with politicians, civil servants and the middle tier.

3. The National Academy
Huw Foster-Evans, Chief Executive
This workshop will provide an opportunity to receive an update on the development of the National Academy of Educational Leadership in Wales.

It will focus particularly on the endorsement of leadership development provision and how the Academy can best work with colleagues in schools to encourage innovative evidence-based approaches to increasing leadership capacity.

4. Mental Health Pick ‘n’ Mix
Marie Udall (Maz) Udall, Self Esteem Team
Creating an environment that’s conducive to good mental health isn’t always easy, especially when no individual is the same and there are headlines everywhere telling you everything about the epidemic but nothing about the solution. The Self-Esteem Team take their experience from working on the ground in the thick of it with students, teachers and parents alike, along with the knowledge of the experts they consult, and translate it into learning objectives that are not only attainable but also fun. Whether you’re part of the SLT looking to create the right environment for your staff; a teacher or SENCO looking to enhance your student’s potential; or a self-starter looking to improve your understanding of mental health and the warning signs to be aware of; this keynote will open your eyes to how the best ways to build an environment conducive to good mental health.

Workshop Synopses | Friday 9 November

Sessions 13.30–14.15 | 14.15-15.00

1. Creating space for innovation: Leading and learning from the emerging future
Professor Michael Schratz, University of Innsbruck
Leadership has become the educational buzz word in the policy discourses of most countries in the globalization movement of education. A countless number of leadership theories have been developed, but most models of organizational learning build on reflecting and learning from the past. Do they also help the challenges of the future? Can they be applied in the muddiness of everyday happenstance?

Since the future can no longer be predicted from the past, we have to create a learning context which aims at influencing the pattern of how professionals develop their innate capacity to sense and shape their future when they go about change. Leadership is regarded as the capacity to promote the quality of education on offer and to show initiative, creativity, courage, conviction, persuasiveness and confidence in the capacity for innovation already present in the system.

The author offers intsights into the personal and organizational learning journeys of Austrian school leaders who take part in an innovative leadersihp programme, which takes them along Scharmer's phases of 'Theory U' (Mind - Heart - Will). Leading from the emerging future means to connect with and learn from emerging future possibilities. Participants of this programme experience how energy follows attention, creating awareness for innovation and change. Collaborative team coachings and learning partnerships helping them to transform the methodology and design into their own professional contexts.

2. 45 minutes to save yourself from having to work until 72?
Stephen Casey, ASCL Pensions Specialist

An overview of the current pension landscape including increases to the employer contributions, tax relief on personal contributions, protection of the final salary schemes and an explanation of the new career average (CARE) scheme.

Included will be examples of how members can increase their pension value using the ‘flexibilities’ within the CARE scheme and how they can ‘buy out’ the last three years of pension.

Delegates will also be shown how increasing their pension is now falling foul of more stringent tax regimes on pensions. The session will help show how to track pension growth and to make personal choices on protecting themselves from incurring tax losses to their pension whilst in service and on retirement.

There will also be an opportunity to raise individual questions about the Teachers’ Pension Scheme and the Local Government Pension Scheme.

3. Misconduct: disciplinaries, unfair dismissal and beyond
Sarah Linden, Senior Solicitor and Faisal Sameja, Deputy Senior Solicitor
ASCL’s specialist in-house employment law solicitors will guide delegates through the need-to-know about dealing with employee misconduct. This session will provide practical guidance on how to conduct school disciplinary processes, including fair investigations and disciplinary hearings. Delegates will receive advice ensuring that they limit their exposure to potentially damaging and costly challenge in the Employment Tribunals. There will also be an exploration of members’ obligations towards the Education Workforce Council when dismissing employees.


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