Stepping into Consultancy

08:00 - 15:30, 5 November 2019 Manchester Book now

"Helpful mix of time to think, talk, ask questions and plenty of good advice. A day well spent."
Past delegate, April 2019

This one-day course is designed for those who are re-evaluating their future career direction and are interested in venturing into the world of education consultancy either as a full-time or part-time prospect. 

Delegates will find out more about the various opportunities consultancy work can provide, how to set up the right framework to underpin a new style of working, establish the right networks and articulate their own unique skills and competencies within the sector. The format will combine information dissemination with opportunities for discussion and networking.

The session will be led by two school leaders who have both experienced the transition from roles in an educational setting to working as consultants and setting up their own consultancy businesses.  

Delegates will:

  • reflect on their own transitional phase with a positive outlook

  • have a greater knowledge and understanding of the vital, financial-related issues

  • understand how social media can be utilised effectively as a professional, with an overview of the key platforms available

  • gain confidence when considering their own transferable skills, and take away practical and focused information about their own personal next steps

"Very clear information, good advice, and signposting to helpful templates"
Past delegate, April 2019


Val Andrew
Education Consultant, formerly ASCL Business Leadership Specialist

Katie Rush
Education Consultant, former system leader and secondary headteacher

Sally Jack
Online Editor, ASCL

£280 + VAT