Principles, Purpose and Impact: Leading in Challenging Times - a summit for primary school leaders

08:45 - 15:45, 15 January 2018 London

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As we face the daily challenges of leading a school, it can be difficult to focus as much as we would like on the vision for the future. With ever growing ‘to-do’ lists and the daily job of managing activities across our school or schools, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on that vision that we want to embody and deliver for our team, our pupils and our communities.

Through the issues of shrinking resources, the pressures of balancing accountability against a rich curriculum and our responsibilities for the wellbeing of our pupils, our colleagues and ourselves, maintaining strong principles and staying true to our purpose as leaders is becoming increasingly difficult.

Principles, purpose and impact – leading in challenging times, offers a unique opportunity to hear from primary education specialists and practitioners, to share ideas on how to address the challenges ahead and to design solutions which will be directed to government and other key stakeholders in primary education policy.

Topics will include:

  • Principled leadership in challenging contexts

  • Providing a high quality education on a shrinking budget

  • Squaring the circle: delivering a broad, rich, deep curriculum while still preparing children for SATs

  • Safeguarding the long-term future of your school in an increasingly academised landscape

  • Ensuring pupil and staff wellbeing (and your own!)

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Join us for this highly interactive and focused event featuring:

Dame Alison Peacock, CEO of the Chartered College of Teaching

Iain Erskine, Co-Principal of The Fullbridge Academy

Geoff Barton, ASCL General Secretary

Sian Carr, Executive Principal of Skinners’ Kent Primary School and The Skinners’ Kent Academy

Rob Carpenter, CEO, Inspire Partnership

Julie McCulloch, ASCL Primary and Governance Specialist

Gemma Faircloth, Headteacher, Skinners’ Kent Primary School

Kerry Brimfield, Chief Operating Officer, Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust

Matthew Freeston, CEO, The Learners’ Trust

Grace Barrett, The Self-Esteem Team

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Registration and refreshments


Welcome and introduction


The need and opportunity for principled school leadership
Geoff Barton, ASCL General Secretary


From principled leadership of a school to principled leadership of a system
Dame Alison Peacock, CEO, Chartered Collge of Teaching


Principled leadership in challenging contexts - a school experience
Sian Carr, Executive Principal, Skinners' Kent Primary School and The Skinners' Kent Academy, and ASCL Immediate Past President
Gemma Faircloth, Headteacher, Skinners' Kent Primary School


Refreshment break and view exhibition


Challenge 1: The incredible shrinking budget
Interactive session on providing a high quality education on a reduced budget. With input from Kerry Brimfield, Chief Operating Officer, Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust


Challenge 2: Squaring the curriculum circle
Interactive session on offering a borad, rich curriculum while also ensuring children are prepared for SATs. With input from Iain Erskine, Co-Principal, The Fulbridge Academy




Challenge 3: Staying in control of your school's destiny
Interactive session on navigating the current education landscape and partnering with other schools. With input from Rob Carpenter, CEO, Inspire Partnership, and Phil Hickey, Executive Head, The Learners' Trust


Challenge 4: Keeping it all together (and enjoying the journey)
Interactive session on safeguarding your pupils, your staff and your own wellbeing in challenging times. With input from The Self-Esteem Team


Coping with the unexpected
Ian Fenn, Headteacher, Burnage Academy for Boys