New to Headship - How to survive and thrive in your first year

08:30 - 16:00, 6 March 2019 London

Very honest, open, clear.  Informative.  No jargon – liked it being pragmatic and real. (Past delegate, 2018)

This course is suitable for newly appointed headteachers in their first headship and also for those currently applying for headship posts.

The first year of headship is a wonderful thing, but not without its tribulations, and being appointed is the beginning of a great adventure. This practical, realistic but overwhelmingly positive one-day course will help if you are applying for headship roles, or if you’re about to navigate unchartered waters as a new headteacher.

Keven Bartle, headteacher at Canons High School since September 2014, and Chris Hildrew, headteacher since January 2016 at Churchill Academy, provide invaluable insight and experience to help you through the rollercoaster of that all-important first year - and keep a smile on your face.

Delegates will: 

  • identify the priorities when preparing for leadership

  • understand how to survive and thrive in your first half-term at the helm

  • understand how to chart a strategic course through the expectations of the role

  • be able to respond effectively when challenges arise 

Kevin and Chris inspirational and thoughtprovoking about the challenges that lie ahead with very useful advice, insights and gems to take away.  Some useful models of setting out vision and success criteria to evaluate impact. (Past delegate, 2018)



Keven Bartle, Headteacher, Canons High School, Harrow

Chris Hildrew, Headteacher, Churchill Academy and Sixth Form, North Somerset

£280 + VAT


Registration and refreshments


Welcome and introduction


Session 1: The run-in to headship

  • Getting the transition right

  • Internal vs external promotion to headship




Session 2: Surviving and thriving in the first half-term

  • How to survive the first half-term

  • How to make a success of your first half-term




Session 3: Strategic navigation, or "don't forget to look up!"

  • How to get your head up and plan the long-term strategy

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

  • How do you write a strategic plan?


Session 4: Responding to challenge

  • What to do when stuff happens

  • How to respond when the strategic plan is the last thing on your mind


Plenary and evaluation