National Funding Formula: The Cost to Your Curriculum

08:00 - 16:00, 8 February 2018 Bristol

Please note that this course focuses on 11 to 16, or 11 to 18 schools only.

Details of the new National Funding Formula were announced in September 2017. By 2020 the plan is for funding for the 5 to 16 sector to be distributed without a local authority formula. At this point, key questions for school leaders are:

  • What substantive curriculum structure can I afford when the formula is fully implemented?

  • Where am I now?

  • What strategies might I need to adopt to avoid any step change between now and full formula implementation?

Ideally, the time to plan for September 2019 is early in 2018. It seems certain that the curriculum and staffing for September 2018 will need to represent a transition situation.

Led by ASCL’s funding and business leadership experts, this practical one-day course will explore the implications of a basic income of £4,800 per pupil for Years 7 to 11, and £4,000 per pupil for post-16. Delegates will cost a basic curriculum model which they can then relate to current revenue expenditure at their own school or college. The possible impact of unfunded pay inflation will also be considered, together with any enhancements from funding allocated for deprivation and other factors.

Spreadsheets and extensive notes will be provided to allow delegates to follow up the detail of this course once back in their own organisation.

Delegates will:

  • analyse and compare their current revenue and expenditure and look at possible projection values to gain an understanding of what the NFF gives you and where are you now

  • identify how many teachers are affordable, the implications of teaching hours available and hence the substantive curriculum cost envelopes   

  • understand the impact of roll numbers on school operation in the light of the NFF (including the likely impact of being part of a MAT, and running post-16 ‘at cost’)

  • consider ‘rules of thumb’ that can be used to outline a financially efficient budget

This course is aimed at senior leaders in secondary schools, specifically the headteacher, school business manager, and members of the senior leadership team with responsibility for curriculum and timetable. To gain maximum benefit from this course, it is recommended two individuals from each organisation attend where possible. A special discount rate applies where two or more delegates attend from the same school.

Julia Harnden, ASCL Funding Specialist

Sam Ellis, ASCL Funding Consultant

Supported by members of the ASCL Funding Consultancy Team

£280+VAT pp (1 place)

£175+VAT pp (2 or more places)