Leading Curriculum Change

08:30 - 16:00, 23 January 2019 Birmingham

The focus of this course is on leading and managing curriculum change. Up-to-date information will be provided about curriculum and qualification reform, to support participants in managing the reforms. There will be opportunities for participants to share good practice and ideas, whilst considering how to balance the values and aims of their curriculum against the constraints of our current accountability systems. There will be an opportunity to understand effective curriculum design to support the delivery of linear qualifications.

Participants will:

  • have up-to-date information about curriculum and qualification reform

  • understand the nature of curriculum leadership: evaluating and developing curriculum principles

  • understand key considerations and key drivers such as accountability, when designing a curriculum

  • reflect on designing a curriculum with continuity of learning in mind

  • understand what curriculum you can afford and basic strategic  financial planning linked to curriculum

  • be confident to discuss ideas about curriculum design, and share challenges and solutions with others

This course is suitable for headteachers, principals, deputy headteachers, vice principals, assistant headteachers, assistant principals, aspiring leaders and governors.