Getting it right: Curriculum, staffing, budget

09:00 - 16:00, 22 March 2018 Northampton

Suitable for business leaders, system leaders, curriculum planners and all members of the leadership team that have budget responsibility in a secondary school.

As the financial pressure on schools increases in a landscape of significant curriculum and funding reform, all senior staff, governors and trustees must have a clear understanding of the cost implications of the school curriculum and how this is driven by different curriculum and staffing structures.

This one day course focuses on providing the essential language and underlying relationships of curriculum planning in an accessible way. Spreadsheet tools for curriculum planning, curriculum cost analysis, staffing structures and deployment will be provided.

Participants will be able to adapt these resources to meet the needs of their individual organisations. The course supports a common understanding between curriculum and finance leads, and considers how effective staff deployment can future-proof the curriculum against rising costs.

Participants will:

  • get an up-to-date, national overview of curriculum and accountability considerations and explore basic principles of curriculum design

  • get an up-to-date, national overview of funding reforms and what transition to a national funding formula might look like

  • understand how to use software as a senior team in curriculum analysis and development, and resource-planning

  • learn how to use a common language in curriculum development and budgeting that supports streamlined cost effective timetabling

  • be able to use the ASCL-developed, specific software that links curriculum planning, staffing and finance

  • gain simple outline techniques to support cost-effective curriculum development

A strategic finance DVD can be purchased at an additional cost of £99 +VAT

£280 + VAT