Financial Planning for Retirement

10:00 - 15:00, 16 May 2019 London

"Excellent and extremely helpful."

"Really made me realise when to take retirement – fantastic information."

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Knowing about the pension scheme is invaluable, not only for yourself, but also in the management of staff who are approaching retirement age.

During these popular sessions, the Teachers’ Pension Schemes and the opportunities within it will be covered in detail, providing a valuable insight into planning for retirement for you and your colleagues.

Participants will:

  • gain knowledge of all three teacher pension schemes, how much they cost and how much they accrue

  • find out how to calculate their own pension, including the effects of taking their pension early

  • learn how to increase their pension fund

  • gain an understanding of the current tax regimes on pensions

  • receive up to date information on the State Pension

  • have an understanding of the impact of inflation

  • gain an insight into the principles of investing capital

  • learn about the benefits of taking professional financial advice

These seminars are suitable for headteachers, senior leaders who may be approaching retirement, and those with a responsibility for managing payroll and HR in schools and colleges.


Stephen Casey, ASCL Pensions Specialist

A representative from Lighthouse Financial Advice

The session will be chaired by a member of the ASCL Associates' Committee


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Teachers’ Pension Scheme
Stephen Casey, ASCL Pensions Specialist






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Money management, inflation, investment opportunities etc
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£125 (members)
£150 (non-members)