Demystifying Assessment 11-19

09:00 - 16:00, 28 September 2017 London


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Fee: £280 +VAT

This one-day course focuses on leadership and management of assessment in schools and colleges, and is suitable for colleagues aspiring to senior leadership, assistant heads, deputy heads, vice principals and governors across secondary and post-16 phases.

The removal of levels at Key Stage 3 and changes to the 14 - 19 qualifications structure have made it essential for leaders to have up-to-date knowledge and understanding of assessment processes to be able to lead and develop good practice within their own schools and colleges.

Schools and colleges are raising many questions about assessment, such as what is the purpose of assessment, how can we define and evidence specific subject progress and what is the best kind of assessment to support long-term retention in linear qualifications?

Participants will:

  • explore the implications of national changes to assessment (including Ofsted’s approach to inspecting assessment)

  • develop an understanding of what makes great assessment and why

  • be equipped to lead assessment in their organisation

  • understand key concepts and theories in assessment

  • examine ways of forming a coherent assessment policy based on the needs of learners, and including formative and summative assessment

  • develop a clear understanding of how qualifications are marked and grades awarded

  • understand the links between curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy

  • have opportunities to share ideas and good practice


Registration and refreshments


Introduction and welcome


Assessment 14 to 19: current policy directions in external assessment and what it means for schools
This session will ensure that delegates are up to date on the implications  of changes to GCSE, A level and other qualifications (and their place in future accountability measures) and will provide an insight into the way Awarding Bodies award grades and Ofqual monitors and regulates awarding through comparable outcomes.

Understanding assessment
This session will also provide an opportunity for delegates to develop an understanding of what makes great assessment and why and understand the key concepts and theories in assessment so that delegates are equipped to lead assessment in their institutions


Refreshment break


Leading assessment: managing the process of change
This session will equip you to lead assessment in your school and examine ways of forming a coherent assessment policy based on the needs of learners including formative and summative assessment. The focus will be on understanding the link between curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.




Internal assessment continued
This session will focus on what is most appropriate type of assessment to meet the demands of reformed linear qualifications.


Afternoon refreshments
This session will also feature a case study from a school to stimulate delegates’ thinking about their own context.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion and sharing practice


Course closes, evaluation