Leadership Appointment Service

Recruiting the right person

The selection and appointment of a new headteacher or principal for a school or college is a huge responsibility. As the key individual determining the quality and success of the institution, the governing body’s choice will have a long-term and far-reaching influence. The recruitment and selection process is therefore one governors will need to prepare for and plan carefully if they are to appoint the best person for the role.

Appointing the right person is therefore essential to the successful leadership and management of the school or college, and ultimately for improvement and student success.

ASCL Professional Development offers a comprehensive and cost-effective Leadership Appointment Service (LAS) for Headteachers or Principals, providing expert guidance and advice, and with a dedicated and experienced consultant working with the governing body throughout the appointment process.

All our expert consultants are either serving or former headteachers, providing an unparalleled level of support, expertise and experience when appointing to this important role.

We also provide a range of professional services to further support the appointment process, including testing candidates in common scenarios as part of the interview process, psychometric testing, and the opportunity for governors to access a comprehensive induction programme for their new headteacher during their first year in post.

Additional support

Are you also looking to advertise for a new business leader for your organisation? ASCL PD also offers a LAS for Business Leaders.

In addition, ASCL can give greater exposure to your leadership vacancies by advertising them to all of our members.

To find out more please call ASCL PD on 0116 299 1122 or email las@ascl.org.uk

We appreciate you may need to approach us in confidence and we will only contact you via your preferred method and at a time convenient to you.

All aspects of the support the consultant provided were invaluable. We would not have been able to make this important appointment with confidence in the underlying processes without their help. They were indispensable to us.